Understanding your Settings & Billing

February 21, 2024

Understanding the menu bar:

From your menu bar, you can access all of your account settings and billing information for your followers.com account.

  • Select the 'Account settings' button, to reveal the drop down menu.
  • Select the 'Settings' button to access your account settings.
  • Select the 'Billing' tab to access all of your billing information.


Choose the 'Accounts' tab to see a list of the Instagram accounts you've added to your Followers.com account.

You will find all of your Instagram accounts displayed here. If you don't have an active Growth Plan, you can only add up to two accounts to your dashboard.

Details about your Growth Plan renewal date will be shown beneath your Instagram username.


In the 'Settings' section of the dashboard, you can review and manage your personal information, upload a profile picture, update your Followers.com password, and gain access to an exclusive referral link. By sharing this link with friends, you can invite them to join, and for every payment they make, you'll receive a 20% commission.


From the billing section, you can choose to add a new payment method for your account.


To cancel your Growth Plan, select the 'Cancel' button.

To proceed with the cancellation, select the 'No, Continue' button.

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