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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 9 December 2023


Followers.com is operated by Social Holdings Pty (ABN: 13 667 753 791) located at Suite 5, 60/64 Railway Rd, Blackburn VIC 3130. Please review these Terms & Conditions carefully before using Our Services.


These terms dictate the rules for using our Service, forming an agreement between you and Followers.com. It entails the privileges and duties of every user concerning the Service's usage.

Access and Acceptance

Accessing or utilizing the Service implies your understanding and adherence to these terms. If any section of these terms doesn't align with your views, please refrain from accessing the Service.

Modifications and Updates

All additions or modifications to the Service also come under these terms. To remain updated, regularly check this Website for the latest version of the Terms. We have the autonomy to alter or replace any segment of these terms, with updates announced on our Website. Regularly reviewing this page for alterations is your responsibility. Persisting with the Service after any updates implies your acceptance.

Affiliation Disclaimer

Followers.com is independent and claims no affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement by Meta Platforms, TikTok, or any linked entities.

Compliance with Laws

You're solely accountable for adhering to social media rules and any applicable laws. Using our Service is at your discretion. We aren’t liable for any actions Instagram, TikTok, or other platforms might take due to your use of our Service. We offer no assurance regarding the quantity or authenticity of followers or a continuous connection to any platform.

Privacy Policy

Your Service usage also requires your understanding and adherence to our Privacy Policy, which details our approach to your data. Always review our Privacy Policy before using our Service.

Customer Responsibilities

You affirm being above 18 years of age. Our services are off-limits to those below 18.

Account Information

When subscribing, ensure your information is up-to-date, complete, and accurate. Non-compliance can lead to immediate Service termination without refund.

Account Security

Protect your password, as you're liable for all activities under your account. Keep your password updated to avail the Service. Unauthorized use of another's account or payment details is prohibited.

Prohibited Activities

Illegal or unauthorized use of our Service is forbidden. Ensure you don't violate laws or introduce malware. Non-adherence will result in instant Service cessation without refund. Don't replicate or exploit our Service without written consent.

Content Monitoring and Restrictions

Followers.com may restrict or terminate your access if you share content deemed inappropriate. We don't monitor every piece of user content, so you use our Service understanding potential risks. Some content might be seen as disturbing, inappropriate, or inaccurate, but Followers.com isn't responsible for any repercussions stemming from such content or the Service overall.

Intellectual Property


All unique content, features, and functions related to the Service, excluding user-generated content, remain the exclusive assets of Followers.com and its licensors. They are safeguarded by both domestic and international copyright and trademark laws.

Usage Restrictions

You are prohibited from using our trademarks and branding without written consent from Followers.com.

Service Delivery

Followers.com aims to highlight your Instagram account to genuine users, enhancing follower count and engagement. However, specific results are not promised.

Service Discretion

Followers.com can refuse service to anyone and may alter or cease any part of the Service without prior notification.


Service pricing is subject to change, but we'll make efforts to inform our users in advance. Existing payment agreements won't be affected. We are not accountable for any alterations, price modifications, or cessation of the Service to any user or third party.

Disclaimer: Service Usage

Followers.com offers its Service "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE", without any guarantees. We disclaim all warranties, be it express or implied, regarding our Service.

Termination Rights

We can suspend or close your Account at any time for any reason, especially if you violate our terms. If you want to close your Account, just end your subscription.

Subscription Commitments

The terms are effective until your current billing cycle ends. You can end your subscription by cancelling Followers.com before the billing cycle concludes at any time

Limiting Liability

Followers.com cannot be held accountable for potential damages. Under no circumstance will we be liable for lost profits, revenue, or any other damages, regardless of the reason.

Refund Policy

Default Policy

At Followers.com, each refund request is evaluated on an individual basis. Contact our team with your reason for requesting a refund and we will evaluate your situation accordingly.

Service Standards

Followers.com strives to provide quality service. Still, many factors can affect the service level. Thus, performance isn't guaranteed and cannot be a basis for refunds.

Billing for Recurring Subscriptions

At Followers.com, our plans operate on a recurring basis, either monthly or yearly.

Chargeback and Dispute Policy

At Followers.com, we urge our users to communicate with us directly regarding any billing concerns or issues.

Payment Authorization and Policy Changes

By providing your payment details to Followers.com, you grant us continuous authority to charge your card or payment method.

Subscription Termination

Upon choosing to terminate a subscription, Customers have two options:

  1. Opt for immediate cancellation.
  2. Request a reminder email to cancel 24 hours prior to the end of the billing period.

Billing Overlaps

Occasionally, Customers might unintentionally initiate multiple billing agreements, leading to redundant charges. In such events, Followers.com is committed to resolving the billing discrepancy in a timeframe deemed reasonable.

Global Limitation of Legal Actions

By accessing or using any of the services provided by Followers.com, the customer hereby expressly agrees and acknowledges:

  • Not to initiate, either directly or indirectly, any legal action, litigation, or proceeding against Followers.com, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents, partners, licensors, or any associated entities (collectively referred to as "Followers.com Entities") in any jurisdiction worldwide.

Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions


By participating in the Followers.com Affiliate Program, affiliates (“You” or “Your”) agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Commission Structure

Affiliates are eligible to earn a commission of 20% on all purchases made by customers who are referred through their unique affiliate link.

Payment Cycle

Payments to affiliates are processed every 30 days. However, each payment is subject to thorough verification and validation by Followers.com.

Prohibited Activities

Affiliates are strictly prohibited from engaging in any misleading or false advertising practices related to Followers.com.

Termination of Affiliate Status

Followers.com reserves the right to terminate an affiliate’s participation in the program at its sole discretion.

Limitation on Legal Actions

Affiliates expressly agree not to initiate any legal actions, litigation, or proceedings against Followers.com or any associated entities in relation to their participation in the affiliate program.

Changes to the Affiliate Program

Followers.com reserves the right to change, modify, or terminate the affiliate program or these terms at any time.


For any questions or concerns regarding the Affiliate Program, please reach out to Followers.com through our designated contact channels.

Addressing Concerns

For any reservations or disputes related to our Service, we urge Customers to initially seek resolution by reaching out directly to Followers.com.

Updates to Terms and Site Content

Followers.com reserves the right to amend the Terms, Website content, and associated pricing as needed.

Feedback Provisions

All feedback given to Followers.com is considered our property.

Getting in Touch

Should you have any queries about our Terms, Service features, or any other related topic, feel free to reach out through our contact channels.

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