How to Configure your Targeting
February 21, 2024

Scrolling down on your dashboard will give you access to all of your growth targeting features.

Adjust your targeting at any time to engage with users most relevant to your account. Your targeting preferences will help you gain relevant followers, likes, and comments.

Ensure to press the 'Save' button when adjustments are made to your targeting so that we can ensure your campaign is refined to deliver results better suited to your audience preferences and needs.

There are three different ways to target audiences:

  1. The first one is gender targeting. Gender targeting allows you to gain followers who have specified their gender as either male or female on their Instagram account.
  2. You can target audiences based in the locations made available to you on the dashboard. Your location targeting is preset to Worldwide, meaning that you will receive results from users globally.
  3. The final way that you can target users is based on their interests or hobbies. It's always recommended to engage with audiences who are interested in the types of content that you post on your account and have relevance to that niche. Ultimately, this will allow you to build a strong follower base that's genuinely interested in your content.

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